Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal update

I've got a lot to write about, but unfortunately, my computer's in the shop for repairs. It's frustrating, cuz I'm up around p. 300 in Infinite Jest, but my blogging languishes back around p. 100. Isaac has yet another superb overview on Parabasis, while Infinite Aaron #1 continues to post close-ups on the novel.

I'm also cooking a post on flicks I've seen in the last month, many of which are up for Oscars (some more deserving of attention than others). I want to write a quick entry on The Savage Detectives, which I also just finished. And to get my nerd on, I've got thoughts on Battlestar: Galactica & a few crime comics I just started (Scalped and Criminal).

But most importantly, my journalism continues at Metromix NY, where I cover theater. This week,
an interview with Lili Taylor & Jena Malone, the stars of Mourning Becomes Electra. I've also started posting drama news on their blog, which keeps me out of trouble.

But till my computer returns home, all that'll have to wait. Till then, have fun without me!


Leah said...

I clicked on the link to your Lili Taylor interview (I loooove her) and was like, wtf who is Aaron Grunfeld? Oh right! :) Turns out, it is just as confusing for me when my male friends change their names as it is when my female friends do it!

Hotspur said...

Yeah, I'm finding the name change a little confusing too! What do I call "Leichter"? My maiden name? bachelor name? I've already gotten a new gmail account, but I'll wait till the wedding to use it.

The real question is whether the State of NY will charge me to change my name. Word is, they let women do it for free when they marry, but not men. I smell a possible class-action law suit!