Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Theater: Title Bout (June 21)

Every week, I compose listings on the week's shows for Metromix NY. I'm so disappointed by the titles that playwrights choose for their work, so I'm reviewing their titles now. Not the shows (I haven't seen them yet) just the titles. To read about the content of each show, click through its link to my listings on Metromix NY.

Zero is a cool number, partly because in a sense it's not a number. And the phrase “zero hour” has a built-in sense of tension: a countdown to the dramatic event. That's probably why it's a cliché. According to Wikipedia, "Zero Hour" is the title to sci-fi tales by Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling, Star Trek & DC comics as well as random radio programs, TV documentaries, & a prog-metal band. Hell, there's another show playing Off-Broadway right now called Zero Hour––about Zero Mostel!

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