Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Theater: Title Bout (July 20)

Every week, I compose listings on the week's new plays for Metromix NY. I'm often disappointed by the titles that playwrights choose for their work, so I'm reviewing their titles now. Not the shows (I haven't seen them yet) just the titles. To read about the content of each show, click through its link to my listings on Metromix NY.

Very postmodern and Y2K to mingle Arabic numerals with Roman letters. But the number opens space for a puns on sexual foreplay while suggesting that the show is simply playful (“for play”). I wonder if there are four performers in this juggling extravaganza? Hope so.

Elvis Costello called an album Trust, and Hal Hartley did the same with a movie, and Wikipedia lists plenty of other songs, TV shows, political parties, etc. Even if this play deals ingeniously with a business monopoly, an arrangement of property for a minor, and the concept of confidence in a person or idea, its title implies lazy thinking.

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