Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buffy Blogthrough: 1.1 "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

Most mornings, to warm up my brain I write & edit 150 words on yesterday's entertainment — a TV episode, movie, news item, or whatever. Now that I've got Lady Hotspur watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I've decided to post these exercises so you & she can enjoy them too!

1.1 “Welcome to the Hellmouth”
broadcast: March 10, 1997
writer: Joss Whedon
director: Charles Martin Smith

Originally the pilot was two hours, but it's got two directors and on DVD it's two episodes. Part 1 focuses on Buffy's character and setting, showing a springier step than Part 2. The setting—Sunnydale and its high school—have the genre hallmarks of teen life that go back to Archie Comics (the name of the cool girl, Cordelia, echoes her Archie analogue Veronica). But Buffy stands out in this episode with her courage and confidence. Though she does protest initially against her destiny, she then goes straight to work hunting vampires. Buffy has prior experience as a vampire hunter, but she also already finds her destiny incompatible with her typical teen lifestyle, having been expelled from high school in LA for burning down a gymnasium full of the fiends. Her personality is defined, and her conflict is encapsulated by the show's comedic title: a preppy teen fighting vampires.

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