Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sci-Fi Theater: The Navigator

Workshop Theater Company
written by Eddie Antar
directed by Leslie Kincaid Burby

Witness an everyman whose GPS starts offering stock tips, career advice, even solutions to his domestic stresses. The Navigator wears its Rod Serling influence broadly, by delivering the requisite twists, of course, but also a belief in the little guy and a touch of moral homily. It's even got a timely note in the hero's financial stresses. But it's no simple teleplay: a casting fillip adds theatricality with the GPS played by a live actor, Kelly Anne Burns, cool with her android twitches and robo-voice. She's paired with Joseph Franchini, whose ordinary Joe performance has a neurotic simmer that recalls Jack Lemmon. The deeper themes of how 21C Americans relate to our technology get brushed lightly, but they don't need much since the play views people with such warmth. This light comedy, just over an hour long, stands out as one of the most charming pieces of off-off-Broadway theater all season.


The Navigator
plays at the Workshop Company Theater, closing on February 26. Tickets?


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