Monday, June 11, 2012

Theater: New Shows (June 12-18)

Two shows have my ticket this week. One's Sovereign, the third part of a sci-fi trilogy. The first two parts were choice dramas that managed to be both B-movie fun and sharply intelligent theater. The other is The Bad and the Better. Despite the spaghetti western title, it's actually a modern noir. A teaser clip suggests a French New Wave vibe.

where: Theater Row
first night: Tuesday, June 12
The parents of a onetime math prodigy are missing, which leads a social worker to uncover the truth behind the wunderkind's teenaged crack-up. Despite the tease of higher math, Monarch sounds like one soppy drama.

where: Playwrights Horizons
first night: Thursday, June 14
TB&TB sees the Amoralists, a mangy bunch of downtowners, ditch the corny domestic melodrama that they've made their reps on. Instead, a monster-sized cast evoke a film-noir cityscape of corrupt pols, anarchist cells, heavy-truncheoned police, and surly bartenders: just the setting for a pair of brothers to stage their showdown.

where: The Secret Theater
first night: Thursday, June 14
The final part of a crackerjack sci-fi trilogy, a sort of War of the Worlds by way of Ibsen―and even more fun than it sounds! High points of the first two parts have included a homosexual, interspecies romance and a nine-foot fiberglass bee's leg. Part 3 has the rebellion's leader, once a surly teen, try her brother as a collaborator. I'm probably more excited for this show than any other play this summer.

where: Cherry Lane Studio
first night: Tuesday, June 12
A young writer, about to publish her first novel, returns to warn her family it's based on them. That scenario sounds over-familiar, which doesn't inspire confidence.

Last chance!
The Bad Boys
where: Second Stage Uptown

The Caretaker
where: BAM Harvey Theater

Don't Dress for Dinner
where: American Airlines Theater

February House
where: The Public Theater

The Golden Veil
where: The Kitchen

where: HERE Arts Center

where: Theater Row

Title and Deed
where: Signature Theater

Venus in Fur
where: Lyceum Theater

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