Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Theater: New Shows (July 10-16)

Nothing quite interests me among this week's debuts, but I'm sort of curious to see Bring It On, the first musical of Times Square's 2012-13 season. The original Y2K flick is one that people have said “would make a great show!” but I still haven't cracked the code on what that means, exactly.

where: St. James Theater
first night: Thursday, July 12
Broadway producers bank on yet another movie-to-musical. This one's a piece of cult kitsch about cheerleaders, but race also figures into the work. So it's not exactly stupid even if it is formulaic. Plus, the show's got a strong creative team that includes the In the Heights choreog and Lin-Miguel Miranda.

where: 59E59
first night: Tuesday, July 10
Get a dose of the Edinburgh Festival, as 16 American shows work out their knots in New York prior to their Atlantic crossing. Piquing my curiosity: Dirty Paki Laundry (about Muslim-American women) & Varieties of Religious Experience (on psychopharmacology & belief).

where: The Westside Theater
first night: Wednesday, July 11
A suburban woman tries to quit nicotine once it's been outlawed while she stresses about her lazy husband and alienated teen son. Billing itself as a satire of modern mores, this musical comedy picks a soft target. It's sponsored, presumably, by Big Tobacco and the Chamber of Commerce.

where: Second Stage Uptown (McGinn Cazale Theater)
first night: Thursday, July 12
When an Asian-American ex-Marine runs for Congress on a Republican ticket, he must fight race, party politics, and pesky skeletons from his past. It's a quiet summer for political drama, unusual for an election year. So let's catch this one from Second Stage Uptown, a series that's often stronger (and younger) than its mainstage program.

Last chance!
where: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

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