Monday, August 27, 2012

Theater: New Shows (August 27 - September 3)

In a parallel universe, I have gotten a PhD in a comparative religion. That universe's blogpost celebrates Job at the Flea, but this one shines its spotlight on Space Captain: Captain of Space! I've been Inspired by the interplanetary movie serials of the 1930s, this Off-Off-B'way show is staged entirely in black-and-white. A crackerjack preview promises to show us futuristic swashbuckling, puppet starships, and a general tone of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Sounds like a fun way to end the summer season!

Space Captain: Captain of Space!
where: Kraine Theater
first night: Thursday, Aug. 30

And here's the rest:

where: 9th Space Theater
first night: Tuesday, Aug. 28
An encore engagement of this hit from Off-Off that put its company, the Amoralists, on the map. A fine bit of domestic melodrama, this show hangs out with an ad hoc family of anarchists as they're gentrified out of their neighborhood.

where: The Wild Project
first night: Thursday, Aug. 30
A smart young couple inherit a farm, which forces them to tackle science, food, and other Michael Pollan-type preconceptions. Produced by an environmentally conscious troupe, this drama adds a whimsical thread of magical realism, in the form of magic beans and “defiant vegetables”. Dunno what that last phrase means, but it's evocative!

where: The Flea Theater
first night: Friday, Aug. 31
Fans of black comedy already know Thomas Bradshaw, an expert at lancing our hang-ups about race and sex. Now he bravely takes on issues of faith in an “honest, uncynical adaptation” of that biblical masterpiece, the Book of Job. Bradshaw pairs off with those Tribeca ragamuffins, the Bats, who should work well with Bradshaw's loose, brash aesthetic.

where: Peter Jay Sharp Theater
first night: Friday, Aug. 31
It's brave to tackle tough subjects like race and class, but too many shows end up flinching from brutal truths. In this piece, a white couple decide to adopt a black child out, a noble-minded intention that will probably have unforeseen consequences. Question is, just how far will the show go with that?

Last chance!
Clybourne Park
where: Walter Kerr Theater

Into the Woods
where: Delacorte Theater

The Last Smoker in America
where: Westside Upstairs

The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side
where: 9th Space Theater

Potted Potter
where: Little Shubert Theater

where: Union Square Theater

where: Radio City Music Hall

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