Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day, 7:30 am!

It's been a busy week, but that's no reason not to post. Sorry!

But my excuse for not posting these last few days is a pretty good one: I scored a ticket to the Inauguration! I'm down in DC right now at my old pal Rodd's place west of the Capitol. The foot traffic outside the window is astonishing, a busyness that I recognize from before a big ball game. But that's when you're outside the stadium; we're about a mile from the Mall!

So I've got a ticket in the Purple Zone, from the office of a Utah Republican, thanks to a college buddy who ended up in Salt Lake City (Nick O'Donnell, coming through!). I should be able to see pretty well, as long as I don't have a really tall person in front of me. I'd hoped to post once or twice from the event itself, but the radio's warning that cell phones may be jammed by signals. Oy, this is gonna be a mess!

So I'll post something later today once I've returned from the front line. In the meantime, sit back, enjoy the festivities in the warmth of your home, & I'll freeze my toes off!

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