Monday, January 26, 2009

NY Times op-ed

Lunchtime, time to check the news. And what happy line do I read on today's NY Times op-ed page? Kristol's piece ends with "This is William Kristol's last column."

Hurray! No more paltry rationalization of executive criminal activity, no more fudging of data to support exploitative policies, no more half-baked predictions of doom which subsequent events fail to support (he's like an anti-Cassandra: I don't listen to his prophecies, & then they don't come true). So long, screwy, see you in St. Louie!

Of course, even in that last quote, Kristol can't help fudging the truth: it's only his last Times column. Presumably he'll keep writing elsewhere. (And stay on as Jon Stewart's punching bag.)

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